NASA Developing First Warp Drive

NASA has been wrestling with the time constraints of space travel for years but recently a physicist by the name of Miguel Alcubierre came up a concept that may make deep space travel a reality.  Alcubierre’s theory involves a “space bubble” that can travel faster than the speed of light while the ship inside remainsContinue reading “NASA Developing First Warp Drive”

Newly Patented Devices Use Heat and Ionized Air to Protect Against Shock Waves

A newly patented devices suggest the use of heat and ionized air to protect troops against the shock waves generated by explosions.  The patent suggests placement of arc generators on the exterior of vehicles along with a sensor to detect an inbound sock wave.  The generators would create a large arc of electricity to heatContinue reading “Newly Patented Devices Use Heat and Ionized Air to Protect Against Shock Waves”

Court Recognizes Orangutan’s Right to Life, Liberty and Freedom

A zoo in Buenos Aires was recently ordered to free a 29 year old female orangutan after an Argentine court recognized the animals right to life, liberty and freedom.  This is the first time that a court has recognized such rights in a non-human animal.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE.

Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak

A Canadian business called the Hyperstealth Technology Company has recently revealed their “quantum stealth” technology.  Camouflage with this detail is extraordinary and the company has elected to hold this invention as a trade secret rather than patent it.  It is not surprising that such a revolutionary invention would be held as a trade secret; aContinue reading “Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak”

Monkey’s Selfie Creates Copyright Dispute

A photographer shooting wildlife in Indonesia recently left his camera unattended.  He returned to find that a crested black macaque had taken a few interesting shots of himself.  The photographer released the photos and one of them went viral.  When the owner of the camera asked Wikipedia Commons to remove the image from its site,Continue reading “Monkey’s Selfie Creates Copyright Dispute”

Alice, Bilski, and the Growing Resistance in Securing Computer Related Patents

In June, the Supreme Court heard the case Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International.  In this case CLS challenged a number of Alice’s patents claiming that the patents protected ineligible subject matter. The patents in question performed escrow calculations using a computer.  CLS contended that the use of the computer was not sufficient to supportContinue reading “Alice, Bilski, and the Growing Resistance in Securing Computer Related Patents”

Notorious Toronto Mayor in Trouble for Unauthorized use of Trademark

Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor of recent notoriety, is employing Ford’ famous oval shaped logo on t-shirts that support his cause.  The Ford Motor Company claims that Mr. Ford did not seek permission before using their oval logo on “Ford Nation” shirts. In an effort to distance themselves from the recent bad press, the automakerContinue reading “Notorious Toronto Mayor in Trouble for Unauthorized use of Trademark”