Supreme Court Holds Synthetic DNA Patentable

In June the US Supreme Court held in Association for Molecular Pathology, et al. v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., that isolated segments of naturally occurring DNA are not eligible for patent.  Although human intervention is required to isolate naturally occurring DNA, that DNA segment is still naturally occurring and therefore ineligible for protection under US patentContinue reading “Supreme Court Holds Synthetic DNA Patentable”

Predictive Policing and Potential Constitutional Concerns

Some police departments are implementing a crime mapping program that uses criminal data to predict future areas of specific crimes.  A report generated by this software coupled with an officer’s observations may be sufficient to stop and search a suspected criminal.  With the advent of real time advertising and now predictive policing, the movie theContinue reading “Predictive Policing and Potential Constitutional Concerns”

Can A Copyright Be Validly Transferred by Simply Accepting On-line Terms?

A recent 4th Circuit case considered whether a copyright can be validly transferred by simply clicking “yes” to a website’s terms of use.  In this case an online real estate site required users to accept the site’s terms of use (TOU) prior to uploading photos.  The TOU noted that all images become the “exclusive property”Continue reading “Can A Copyright Be Validly Transferred by Simply Accepting On-line Terms?”

Craigslist Prevented from Trademark Peace Symbol

Craigslist’s application to trademark the international peace symbol was recently rejected.  The Trademark Trials and Appeal Board held that the symbol failed to distinguish its products and services, even when given the color purple.  A well known symbol must be clearly identify the source of goods if it is to be registerable. For this reasonContinue reading “Craigslist Prevented from Trademark Peace Symbol”