Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak

A Canadian business called the Hyperstealth Technology Company has recently revealed their “quantum stealth” technology.  Camouflage with this detail is extraordinary and the company has elected to hold this invention as a trade secret rather than patent it.  It is not surprising that such a revolutionary invention would be held as a trade secret; aContinue reading “Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak”

Notorious Toronto Mayor in Trouble for Unauthorized use of Trademark

Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor of recent notoriety, is employing Ford’ famous oval shaped logo on t-shirts that support his cause.  The Ford Motor Company claims that Mr. Ford did not seek permission before using their oval logo on “Ford Nation” shirts. In an effort to distance themselves from the recent bad press, the automakerContinue reading “Notorious Toronto Mayor in Trouble for Unauthorized use of Trademark”

New Feud Over Hatfield McCoy Trademark

Everyone has heard of the legendary grudge between the Hatfield and McCoy families during the mid to late 1800’s. While the family feud has quieted down in the last century, a new dispute is emerging over who has the right to use the trademark HATFIELD & MCCOY in competing moonshine ventures.   Click here forContinue reading “New Feud Over Hatfield McCoy Trademark”

Headlight Flashing: Obstruction of Justice or Protected Speech?

Michael Elli was ticketed after he flashed his headlight as a warning to oncoming motorists.  The moving violation was later dropped but Elli filed suit against the city of Ellisville, Missouri  claiming that headlight warnings are a form of protected speech. Elli’s lawyer is quoted as saying “if communicating the presence of a speed trapContinue reading “Headlight Flashing: Obstruction of Justice or Protected Speech?”

9th Circuit Holds the Bat Mobile is a Character Protected by Copyright

DC Comics recently sued the manufacturer of Bat Mobile replicas claiming that these copies constituted copyright infringement (DC Comics v. Towle).  The Ninth Circuit recently agreed, holding that “especially distinctive” characters are entitled to copyright protection, finding that the Bat Mobile is not just a car; it is a distinctive character. Click here for fullContinue reading “9th Circuit Holds the Bat Mobile is a Character Protected by Copyright”