Court Recognizes Orangutan’s Right to Life, Liberty and Freedom

A zoo in Buenos Aires was recently ordered to free a 29 year old female orangutan after an Argentine court recognized the animals right to life, liberty and freedom.  This is the first time that a court has recognized such rights in a non-human animal.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE.

Predictive Policing and Potential Constitutional Concerns

Some police departments are implementing a crime mapping program that uses criminal data to predict future areas of specific crimes.  A report generated by this software coupled with an officer’s observations may be sufficient to stop and search a suspected criminal.  With the advent of real time advertising and now predictive policing, the movie theContinue reading “Predictive Policing and Potential Constitutional Concerns”

Headlight Flashing: Obstruction of Justice or Protected Speech?

Michael Elli was ticketed after he flashed his headlight as a warning to oncoming motorists.  The moving violation was later dropped but Elli filed suit against the city of Ellisville, Missouri  claiming that headlight warnings are a form of protected speech. Elli’s lawyer is quoted as saying “if communicating the presence of a speed trapContinue reading “Headlight Flashing: Obstruction of Justice or Protected Speech?”