Can Artificial Intelligence Invent?

British researchers are claiming that an artificial intelligence (AI) system invented both a complex system for interlocking food containers as well as a new warning light.  The researchers have filed patents in the US as well as other countries, claiming the AI as the inventor.  This would be the first time AI is credited asContinue reading “Can Artificial Intelligence Invent?”

Google Applies for Patent for Vision Enhancement Device Injected Directly into the Eyes

Google has recently submitted a patent for a device injected directly into the eye. The device contains storage, sensors, a radio, a battery and an electronic lens and is powered wirelessly from an “energy harvesting antenna.” CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Canadian Company Secures Patent for Space Elevator

Thoth Technology of Ontario, Canada recently secured a patent for a space elevator.  The device would extend 12 miles above the earth’s surface, allowing materials to be transported to and from space.  The company estimates that an elevator of this nature could save more than 30 percent of the fuel of a conventional rocket. CLICKContinue reading “Canadian Company Secures Patent for Space Elevator”

Is a 3D Printed Organ a “Human Organism” under Patent Law?

As 3D printing technology improves, the potential for printing human organs is becoming a reality… but are human tissues and organs patentable under the law?  The America Invents Act (AIA) clearly prohibits the patenting of any claim “directed to or encompassing a human organism.”  The question becomes whether a 3D printing of tissues and/or organsContinue reading “Is a 3D Printed Organ a “Human Organism” under Patent Law?”

3D Printers to Begin Printing in Graphene

In 2010, two scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of a new material.  Six years earlier they used adhesive to lift a layer of carbon from a block of graphite and then placed it layer on a silicon wafer, creating “graphene.”  Graphene is essentially a two dimensional layer of carbon havingContinue reading “3D Printers to Begin Printing in Graphene”

NASA Developing First Warp Drive

NASA has been wrestling with the time constraints of space travel for years but recently a physicist by the name of Miguel Alcubierre came up a concept that may make deep space travel a reality.  Alcubierre’s theory involves a “space bubble” that can travel faster than the speed of light while the ship inside remainsContinue reading “NASA Developing First Warp Drive”

Newly Patented Devices Use Heat and Ionized Air to Protect Against Shock Waves

A newly patented devices suggest the use of heat and ionized air to protect troops against the shock waves generated by explosions.  The patent suggests placement of arc generators on the exterior of vehicles along with a sensor to detect an inbound sock wave.  The generators would create a large arc of electricity to heatContinue reading “Newly Patented Devices Use Heat and Ionized Air to Protect Against Shock Waves”