Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak

A Canadian business called the Hyperstealth Technology Company has recently revealed their “quantum stealth” technology.  Camouflage with this detail is extraordinary and the company has elected to hold this invention as a trade secret rather than patent it.  It is not surprising that such a revolutionary invention would be held as a trade secret; aContinue reading “Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak”

Swedish Inventors Develop Inflatable Bike Helmet

A pair of Swedish designers have recently developed an inflatable helmet.  The helmet is worn around the neck like a travel pillow allowing bikers to benefit from unimpeded sight and sound.  The device senses the biker’s movement and an inflatable helmet deploys when necessary,  covering the head and neck of the rider with a fullyContinue reading “Swedish Inventors Develop Inflatable Bike Helmet”

Supreme Court Holds Synthetic DNA Patentable

In June the US Supreme Court held in Association for Molecular Pathology, et al. v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., that isolated segments of naturally occurring DNA are not eligible for patent.  Although human intervention is required to isolate naturally occurring DNA, that DNA segment is still naturally occurring and therefore ineligible for protection under US patentContinue reading “Supreme Court Holds Synthetic DNA Patentable”