Pitfalls of Trademark Use in Advertising and Promotion

Be cautious when using the trademarks of others… even when you are simply advertising a product or promoting something as mundane as the “Super Bowl” or “March Madness.”  Both of the terms used in the aforementioned example are federally trademarked and that trademark should be noted in any advertising or promotional material. You should neverContinue reading “Pitfalls of Trademark Use in Advertising and Promotion”

McDonald’s Loses EU “Big Mac” Trademark

Irish fast food chain, Supermac, has successfully challenged McDonald’s EU trademark BIG MAC. After reviewing the mark, the EU Intellectual Property Office found that evidence submitted by McDonald’s was insufficient to support its use. The BIG MAC trademark registration was canceled and Supermac is now free to expand within the UK and EU. CLICK HEREContinue reading “McDonald’s Loses EU “Big Mac” Trademark”