USPTO Suggests New Effort to Clarify Patent Eligibility

USPTO Director Iancu recently proposed new patent eligibility guidelines at the quarterly meeting of the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC).  Iancu noted that clarity is needed both by examiners and applicants asking, “how can a claim be novel enough to pass 102 and nonobvious enough to pass 103, yet lack an “inventive concept” and thereforeContinue reading “USPTO Suggests New Effort to Clarify Patent Eligibility”

Intellectual Property Protections in Space

There is a lack of certainty when it comes to intellectual property rights in outer space.  Space Law is generally uniform in its application while intellectual property law varies from country to country. What happens when a patent is infringed in outer space? Currently, nothing as patent laws apply only within the territory of theContinue reading “Intellectual Property Protections in Space”

Monkey’s Selfie Creates Copyright Dispute

A photographer shooting wildlife in Indonesia recently left his camera unattended.  He returned to find that a crested black macaque had taken a few interesting shots of himself.  The photographer released the photos and one of them went viral.  When the owner of the camera asked Wikipedia Commons to remove the image from its site,Continue reading “Monkey’s Selfie Creates Copyright Dispute”

Is it Legal to Resell Your Digital Music?

ReDigi has created software that purports to remove old digital music files from the user’s equipment and then allow that user to resell these files through ReDigi’s on-line marketplace.  Capitol Records filed suit against the company in 2012 claiming copyright infringement.   The first sale doctrine seems to suggest that a purchased copy can be legallyContinue reading “Is it Legal to Resell Your Digital Music?”

McDonald’s Loses EU “Big Mac” Trademark

Irish fast food chain, Supermac, has successfully challenged McDonald’s EU trademark BIG MAC. After reviewing the mark, the EU Intellectual Property Office found that evidence submitted by McDonald’s was insufficient to support its use. The BIG MAC trademark registration was canceled and Supermac is now free to expand within the UK and EU. CLICK HEREContinue reading “McDonald’s Loses EU “Big Mac” Trademark”